I've been very fortunate to have produced films with some of the most innovative independent film-makers including:

Oscar® winner James Marsh (Bounty Hunter, Channel 4 ‘Cutting Edge’); Stephen Walker (Hardcore, Channel 4 ‘True Stories’); Ian Macmillan (Daydream Believers, Channel 4); Jeremy Marre (Phil Spector’s Demons, Channel 4 ‘The Real…’); Steve Ruggi (Comet Cover Up, Channel 4 ‘Secret History’); David Barrie (Me & My Slaves, Channel 4 ‘Cutting Edge’); Amir Amirani (Concorde – A Love Story, BBC ‘TimeWatch’); Ben Mole (Templar’s Last Stand, NGUS); Matthew Whiteman (Echoes of America, Channel 4); Mike Slee (Gunpowder Plot, ITV); Marc Tiley (Mystery Files, Smithsonian/NGUS); Gary Johnstone, Dan Clifton, Nick Green and Helen Williamson (Finding Jesus, CNN); Wanda Koscia (Nazi Ghost Train BBC/Smithsonian).

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