Age of Terror


We are faced by a disturbing new epoch of warfare. The enemy is hidden, determined, seemingly able to operate at will, and the rules of past conflicts no longer apply. Attacks aren’t on the battlefield, but on our streets, in airports, cafes and concert halls – aimed at the soft underbelly of the freedoms we treasure most.

Can we protect ourselves from this grievous threat to our way of life? It was the calamity on September 11th 2001 which lead the West’s security agencies to search deep for an answer. They undertook an exhaustive review of counter-intelligence. They discovered that within 9/11 lay all of the clues to the terrorist stategies - the DNA of this New War. And only by decoding that DNA, could we devise strategies to defeat them. We have been remarkably successful.

Terrorism long preceded 9/11, but it only became a global war with the event that catapulted America irreversibly into the front line.This landmark series reveals how the terrorists created the Age of Terror, and how we’ve fought back…

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